Firm Overview

At the Montgomery, Alabama offices of Joe M. Reed & Associates, LLC, we are glad to consider accepting the challenge of representing your compelling criminal defense, personal injury, or whistleblower case for a number of important reasons. It’s our job. We were born to do this and we do it well. Your Montgomery attorney Joe Reed, your Montgomery attorney, can help resolve legal issues and settle claims fairly.

Just ask the many satisfied clients we’ve successfully represented or our dissatisfied former opponents who lost to us. We like justice. Our criminal defense clients deserve their day in court, just as our personal injury customer deserve compensation for their physical and financial sacrifices. A good lawyer should be seeking justice everyday. Needless to say, we have very good lawyers in our office. It’s fun. We won’t pretend that soundly defeating a government-financed federal prosecutor in court in a drug case, or a powerful insurance company in a personal injury case, isn’t fun. It is and we won’t apologize for it. We do what we do and choose whom we do it for. We believe in a client’s cause and its fun, winning is fun. The first fun part takes place with your introductory visit to our offices. We want to be as available to you in beginning our professional relationship, as we will be throughout your case. We are willing to travel and can operate regionally or nationally. Appointments can be made for evenings and weekends.

Complimentary Civil Law Consultation

Consultations are complimentary for our civil law clients. One Call, That’s All. The bottom line: We’ll be right beside you, for the entirety of your tour through the legal process. As a prized client of our firm, you deserve no less. From whenever you are in Alabama, one phone call to our law offices of Joe M. Reed will put our experienced legal knowledge, aggressive strategies, and client commitment in your corner. That number is (334) 834-2000. Use it. You and your family will be glad you did.