Practice Areas

Very few law firms in the southern states we serve, let alone the country, boast the versatility we offer every workday at Joe M. Reed, & Associates, LLC, in Montgomery and Birmingham. The client commitment we insist on, in running the gamut between criminal defense, personal injury, and whistleblower cases, is how we run our business.

A Wide Range of Legal Practice Areas

That wide range of talent and resources can be put to work on your legal needs. We’ll answer your phone call at (334) 834-2000. If it comes in after-hours, we’ll return it promptly. The sooner we hear the specifics of your pressing legal needs the better your chances of a successful outcome. Consultations are free to our civil law clients. Be in touch with our experienced, successful attorneys today. The Joe M. Reed Menu Our law offices serve Alabama and the nation. We will throw our significant experience and impressive resources behind you in these important practice areas: – White Collar Crime – Drug Charges – DUI – Internet Crimes – Car and Truck Wreck – Nursing Home Abuse – Whistleblower Cases Successful representation in these areas call for confident, convincing trial lawyer performances in criminal defense; exposing the carelessness with motor vehicles can lead to serious accident injury; making a nursing home pay for its neglect of your loved one; and advocating for someone who’s righteously reported a lawbreaker. We’re up to every one of those challenges everyday at Joe M. Reed & Associates, LLC.