White Collar Crime

Our Joe M. Reed & Associates, LLC criminal defense attorneys are among the most experienced and well-known in the Southern U.S., with ten years of experience effectively representing clients of professional prominence in cases of white collar crime in federal courts.   We aggressively defend physicians, other lawyers, businesspersons, and a wide range of white collar figures in the kinds of complex cases that can take years for federal authorities to build. If you’re being investigated for a serious executive criminal offense, remember: all it takes is one call, that’s all.

Contact our Montgomery office at 1.866.834.1431 from wherever you are in the country and we can begin our work before charges are even filed with a goal of reduction or dismissal of the charges against you.   Our Joe M. Reed & Associates, LLC White Collar Services We offer a lengthy, impressive list of practice areas that’s every bit as expansive as the world of white collar crime itself.

Fraud and Other White Collar Crime

Get in touch with our hardworking lawyers immediately if you’re being investigated for offenses in one or more of these categories:   – Wire Fraud – Tax Fraud – Securities Fraud – Business Fraud – Healthcare Fraud – Computer Based Fraud – Accounting Fraud – Money Laundering – Racketeering – Public Corruption   Our highly effective, efficient white collar criminal defense attorneys will be behind you every step of the way, from your introductory phone call to the positive outcome–that’s our goal. We keep you updated on any and all critical developments in your case and pride ourselves on open, honest assessments on how your trial is going. You can be confident that every weapon at our disposal will be used on your behalf.