DUI Lawyer – Driving Under the Influence

Here at Joe M. Reed & Associates, LLC, we continue to defend those accused of DUI, DWI, and any other charges related to the highly subjective field of drunk-driving arrests and prosecution. An experienced DUI lawyer stays abreast of the latest controversial cases and are innovative in devising methods for fending off such charges on your behalf. If your life has been interrupted by a brush with DUI or DWI, keep in mind the ease with which you can contact our offices. Commit this number to memory and your computer. In addition to your Social Security number, this could be the most important numerical friend you have: 1.866.834.1431. It’s your telephone gateway to the special brand of quality legal representation that our hard-working, successful attorneys have been offering the south and the U.S. for thirty years of combined experience.

Protecting Your Rights in a Drunk Driving Case

How Joe M. Reed & Associates Can Help Here are just a few of the ways that we can fight for your rights and interests in your DUI or DWI case and preserve your freedom of movement and driving privileges: Extensive Pretrial Motions Rigorous Cross-Examination Defense Witnesses Expert Testimony of DUI Scholars Irrefutable Physical Evidence Photography, Video Your Own Firsthand Testimony Eyewitness Testimony Research, Preparation, and Investigation With DUI and DWI penalties more severe than ever before in most states, we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to free you of this burden and restore your life to normalcy. You’ll be kept aware of every juncture in your case. Lines of communication will remain open at all times. When it’s ultimately a matter of your word against that of the arresting officer, with a Breathalyzer or other DUI hoops thrown in, your input will be essential to our defense. Every weapon at our disposal will be used on your behalf.