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Protecting Your Hard-Earned Assets From Forfeiture

If you’re facing criminal proceedings, you may also face the threat of asset forfeiture when law enforcement and prosecutors are alleging that certain assets have been obtained through the commission of a crime or with illegally obtained funds. In fact, prosecutors and police have incentive to try to seize the assets of accused individuals because:

  • Law enforcement agencies get to keep 100% of the proceeds from the sale of any seized assets.
  • People facing criminal charges are typically not experienced at defending themselves against asset forfeiture, making it more likely that police will be successful in seizing assets – even when the seizures of these assets are not warranted.

Although the possibility of asset forfeiture can be as stressful and scary as criminal charges themselves, people facing these serious proceedings can turn to our attorney at Joe Reed & Associates, LLC, for help with protecting both their assets and their rights in Alabama. Lawyer Joe Reed is skilled at building strong asset forfeiture defense cases to help people keep their property and assets in Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile and surrounding areas.

Our Asset Forfeiture Defense Practice

Although asset forfeiture can be an aspect of criminal cases – such as those that involve allegations of drug charges, embezzlement, fraud, etc. – people may also face the threat of asset forfeiture even if they aren’t charged with a crime. In fact, federal law and Alabama state forfeiture laws empower authorities to initiate asset forfeiture proceedings if there is merely a suspicion that certain assets may have been related to or involved in criminal activities.

When this is the case, our attorney will be ready to provide you with the strongest possible defense against these proceedings. Our asset forfeiture defense practice includes (but is not limited to) overseeing:

  • Criminal asset forfeiture cases
  • Civil asset forfeiture cases
  • Federal asset forfeiture cases

There are usually strict time limits for defending yourself in these cases, and waiting to fight back may make it more difficult to keep your assets – or even get them back.

Get Knowledgeable, Dependable Representation

If you have received notice that the authorities are planning on seizing your assets, don’t hesitate to contact our firm. Attorney Reed is ready to aggressively defend you, your rights and your assets. He knows how to stand up to police and prosecutors in any legal setting. He handles all types of asset forfeiture cases.

By trusting attorney Reed to represent you, you can rest assured that he will build you a strong case, stand up for your rights at every step of the legal process and work relentlessly to resolve your case as favorably as possible.

The bottom line is that our attorney is dedicated, determined and dependable. This has been the cornerstone of our success and will be pivotal in getting you the best possible results for your asset forfeiture case.

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