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Let’s be real: nobody wants to deal with criminal charges. Your freedom and future may hang in the balance. Powerful cops and prosecutors may be doing everything they can to convict you and put you behind bars. You need someone to fight for you with that same level of determination and aggression.

At Joe Reed & Associates, LLC, nothing has given our attorney greater personal and professional pleasure during his decades of courtroom experience than the opportunity to defeat big-time, big-deal prosecutors on behalf of clients facing criminal charges at the state and federal levels. We can be your refuge from accusations of criminal wrongdoing.

One Call, That’s All: From the moment you contact us at 855-255-5563 to the conclusion of your case, your rights and freedoms are top priority with attorney Joe Reed.

Diligent Representation Against All Kinds Of Charges

Based in Montgomery also serving Birmingham and Mobile, Mr. Reed has successfully represented people in Alabama, Mississippi and nationwide with courtroom skills and aggressive strategies in these major criminal defense practice areas:

We also handle asset forfeiture cases and can protect you if the government is trying to seize your hard-earned property.

No matter what kind of charges you’re facing, you will see from day one that attorney Reed will bring every energy and resource that he can to the task of defending you. He has more than 25 years of experience as a successful criminal defense attorney. Furthermore, he has access to expert witnesses and investigative resources that can turn the tide in your favor. You can be confident in our lawyer’s proven track record of results.

Protect Your Future By Enlisting Our Help

If you’re facing a criminal investigation or formal charges, it’s serious. Protect your future by giving us a call at 334-625-1794 or send an email to our experienced criminal defense attorney at Joe Reed & Associates, LLC. We look forward to hearing from you.