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Upholding Your Rights In Premises Liability Claims

Property owners in Alabama have a legal responsibility to keep others safe by properly maintaining their property. When a person is injured because of neglected maintenance or a hazardous condition, the owner can be held liable for damages. These premises liability cases can be complex, but an experienced attorney can help.

At Joe Reed & Associates, LLC, based in Montgomery and also serving Birmingham and Mobile, our lawyer has more than 25 years of experience fighting for injury victims. He knows how to navigate the intricacies of premises liability claims. He can advise you of your options and pursue the compensation you deserve.

What Are Premises Liability Cases?

Many premises liability cases involve slip-and-fall accidents or trip-and-fall accidents. These cases frequently involve:

  • Wet or slick floors (spills, squished produce, waxing, melted snow)
  • Bad lighting
  • Broken handrails or guardrails
  • Torn carpet and other tripping hazards
  • Falling or protruding objects
  • Holes or uneven pavement
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Lack of barriers or warning signs
  • Sidewalk accumulations of snow and ice

Other types of premises liability cases include:

  • Injuries resulting from improper maintenance
  • Falling objects
  • Swimming pools accidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Violent crimes resulting from negligent or inadequate security

Talk to our attorney if you think you may have a premises liability claim.

Time Is Of The Essence | Start Today With A Free Consultation

It is always best to contact an attorney right away, since strict deadlines apply for bringing these claims. Swift action is even more critical when you’re suing a governmental entity. You must give the city notice of a lawsuit within 90 days of the injury.

At Joe Reed & Associates, LLC, our attorney is committed to securing full compensation for the harm you have suffered due to property owner/manager negligence – including for medical bills and ongoing treatment (surgery, physical therapy); lost wages; and pain and suffering or permanent disability. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. Call 334-625-1794. If you hire our firm, there are no attorney fees unless our attorney recovers monetary damages for you.