DUI Penalties

FAQs about Ignition Interlock Devices for Alabama DUIs

June 26, 2015

Ignition interlock devices (IIDs) can be an aspect of DUI penalties, as people convicted of DUIs can be ordered by the courts to have IIDs installed on their vehicles for months or longer. Given that there are a lot of myths about IIDs out there, below, we’ll clear up some of these misconceptions by answering…
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Alabama DUI Probation: FAQs (Pt. 3)

February 15, 2015

Concluding our blog series Alabama DUI Probation: FAQs, below are some more responses to frequently asked questions regarding probation for DUI cases in Alabama. Alabama DUI Probation: More Answers Q – Can I drive during my Alabama DUI probation? A – Maybe. How your driving privileges are affected by your DUI case and Alabama DUI…
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Alabama DUI Probation: FAQs (Pt. 2)

February 10, 2015

Continuing from where we left off in Alabama DUI Probation: FAQs (Pt. 1), here, we will respond to some more commonly asked questions about this aspect of DUI cases. More Answers about Alabama DUI Probation Q – What are common terms of Alabama DUI probation? A – Although the specific terms of Alabama DUI probation…
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Alabama DUI Probation: FAQs (Pt. 1)

February 5, 2015

When facing DUI charges, accused people tend to be very concerned about the possible penalties they may face, especially if jail time and expensive fines are a possibility. What these people may not realize, however, is that the terms of Alabama DUI probation can be just as harsh as some DUI penalties and that: This…
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