Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Cases

In most places around the country, domestic violence is viewed as a very serious problem that cannot be tolerated. In the South, the situation is no different. In fact, if law enforcement responds to a domestic violence report made by anyone — a neighbor, a passerby or whomever — at least one person will be arrested and a temporary no contact order will be put in place. For these instances, you need a domestic violence attorney.

At Joe M. Reed & Associates, LLC we help people who have become entangled within the criminal justice system after a domestic violence arrest. The list of various issues we handle includes misdemeanors, felony spousal assault charges, matters involving no contact and restraining orders and more. Victims of domestic violence don’t have to stand alone either. Our attorneys regularly represent victims of domestic violence in court hearings and behind the scenes to ensure that their rights are protected and their voices heard.

For more information about this part of our practice, contact the law offices of Joe M. Reed & Associates, LLC today for a free consultation. How Serious Is It? Any domestic violence-related charge is very serious. In fact, once officers are called in on a report of spousal abuse and an arrest has been made, neither you nor anyone else, other than the prosecutor or a judge, can do anything to stop the proverbial ball from rolling. The immediate consequences of conviction on a domestic violence-related charge will generally depend mostly on the specific criminal act you’ve been accused of, your previous record and the county where the alleged incident took place.

In and of themselves, those court-imposed consequences can be severe. That said — there are longer term consequences involved too, including the loss of your right to own or possess a firearm, potential difficulties in gaining employment and more. In fact, for some, a conviction for spousal assault or another type of domestic violence can literally mean the end of their chosen career. The bottom line: our attorneys know what’s at stake and are aggressive in seeking a positive outcome in every single one of our cases—but your input will be essential to our defense.