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Holiday Travel Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe on the Roads (Pt. 3)

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2014 | Blog, Car Accidents, Driving Safety

Concluding our blog series Holiday Travel Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe on the Roads, below are some additional tips that can help protect you and your family if you will be driving to visit loved ones this holiday season.

Additional Holiday Travel Safety Tips

  • Keeping a winter kit in your car and telling people about your travel plans are two more essential holiday travel safety tips.Keeping a winter kit in your car and telling people about your travel plans are two more essential holiday travel safety tips.Keep a winter kit in your car – This kit doesn’t have to be extensive, and it can be easily put together and contained in a plastic storage bin. Some of the important things that it should include are jumper cables, flares, and an extra cellphone battery (or phone charger). The idea is that, with this kit, you may be able to get your car up and running again if it breaks down at some point during your trip.

    If your holiday travels will be taking you into a colder or snowy region, be sure to include additional items (like tire chains) in your vehicle’s winter kit.

  • Tell people about your travel plans – When you tell people your travel plans, make sure that you let them know when you are leaving, the route you will be taking and your estimated arrival time. Sharing the details of your travel plans with friends or family can ensure that, if you don’t make it to your destination, people know where to start looking for you if you may have broken down.
  • Know what to do if you are stranded with your car – If you do end up stranded somewhere with your vehicle (because, for instance, you were in an accident, a tire blew out or your car simply broke down), be sure that you know what to do in order to safely await help.In areas where it’s not snowing, this can include getting your car out of the flow of traffic, putting flares around your car and waiting in your vehicle for help. If it is snowing, then you may have to take some extra steps, including clearing snow from the exhaust pipe of your vehicle.

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