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4 Facts about Underage DUIs in Alabama

On Behalf of | May 25, 2015 | DUIs

Alabama has a Zero Tolerance Law. This means that, for motorists under 21 years old, only having a little bit of alcohol in their systems can result in DUI arrests and charges. What may be just as significant as this is that fact that it can only take one DUI conviction for younger people to harm their future.

Underage DUIs in Alabama: Here’s What You Should Know

1 – The legal limit for underage motorists is 0.02.

Experienced Montgomery DUI lawyers point out some important facts to know about underage DUIs in Alabama. Contact us for the best DUI defense.

Experienced Montgomery DUI lawyers point out some important facts to know about underage DUIs in Alabama. Contact us for the best DUI defense.

This means that it can take as little as one or two drinks for an underage driver to exceed the legal limits. What more is that underage drivers can get a DUI if:

  • They are operating a bicycle, riding mowers and other nontraditional “vehicles,” as Alabama laws have a broad definition of “vehicle.”
  • They are in a situation in which they could easily operate a vehicle, as Alabama is an “actual physical control” state. So, simply by sitting in a parked vehicle with the keys could result in DUI charges for drunk underage individuals.

2 – When underage drivers’ BACs are 0.08+, the penalties can get much harsher.

When underage motorists’ BACs are between 0.02 and 0.08, the penalties for a first-time UDI will generally include a 30-day license suspension and a fine up to $2,100. When, however, their BACs are greater than 0.08, the penalties can include:

  • Jail time
  • Longer drivers’ license suspensions
  • Heftier fines.

3 – There’s a 5-year “wash-out” period for DUIs in Alabama.

This means that five years have to pass for a DUI not to be considered as a “prior” for drivers. So, if underage motorists are convicted of a DUI, any additional DUI arrest/charges that may be filed within five years of the first case will be considered a subsequent DUI. In these cases, the penalties can also intensify.

4 – There can be non-court ordered penalties for underage DUIs in Alabama.

In fact, the non-court-ordered penalties can end up being just as damaging as the court-ordered sentence, as they can end up:

  • Limiting young people’s options for higher education (and funding for higher education)
  • Preventing young people from pursuing certain career choices
  • Plunging young people into serious debt as they are just getting started on their own

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