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Understanding rib injuries after auto accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Personal Injury

Accidents can cause hidden injuries. The adrenaline from the accident can actually block the body’s pain response at first. It is important to seek medical attention for any potentially hidden injuries, including rib injuries.

Learn the basics of rib injuries so that you can seek treatment when necessary.

The types of rib injuries

Car accidents can cause a few different types of rib injuries. Soft tissue injuries affect the tissue that surrounds the ribs. This is the term used when the ribs are not fractured but there is bruising and discomfort in the rib area.

Broken or fractured ribs usually include hairline fractures caused by direct impact. When you have a fractured rib, you may see bruising around the rib area along with pain and discomfort. These injuries can only be diagnosed with an x-ray that confirms the injury to the bone.

The signs of rib injuries

Rib injuries are often hidden, at least for the first couple of days following an accident. Adrenaline can interfere with the pain response and inflammation can take time to develop. The initial pain can radiate around your midsection and into your back. This makes it difficult to pinpoint the source. Muscle spasms often occur around your midsection, causing tightness and discomfort.

Medical attention is essential to diagnose rib injuries because x-rays are typically required. An ultrasound may be necessary as well. Proactive medical treatment provides the documentation needed to support a personal injury case and helps you avoid serious complications from significant fractures.