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3 slip-and-trip hazards to watch for while shopping

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Personal Injury

Life gets busy. From running random errands to getting your grocery shopping done, you need to stay focused on the task at hand.

Unfortunately, potential risks always lurk around the corner. More than a million people go to the emergency due to a slip-and-fall incident every year. Before hitting the next store, be wary of the following three reasons an incident happens while shopping.

1. Floor conditions

While spills rank high on the list, other floor conditions play a role in creating unsafe conditions. A store that has both hard and carpeted flooring means it may also have loose areas that may easily trip someone up. Over time, any building settles. That may lead to uneven flooring that one may not easily detect until something happens.

2. Inadequate lighting

Even before you get into the store, the parking lot has a host of possible dangers. Along with watching out for drivers, the road itself may have potholes, cracks or debris that you could overlook. Once the sun sets, those hazards increase your risk of tripping and falling. A store without adequate lighting only furthers your chances of not noticing a potentially harmful situation.

3. Employee errors

Humans inherently make mistakes. While usually it leads to nothing, it can result in an injury. An employee might easily overstock an item just to make it fit. If you hit your cart just right, that heavy box may come falling down. Emptied or full boxes in an aisle may require swift navigation, which could lead to losing your balance and following.

While most outings go smoothly and without incident, a slip and fall can happen. If it does, remember that you have rights as a victim.