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What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney (Pt. 3)

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2015 | Blog, Montgomery & Birmingham Personal Injury Attorneys, Personal Injury

Concluding our blog series What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney, below, we will point out some final important things to screen lawyers for when you are getting ready to file a personal injury case.

More Important Things to Look for in the Right Personal Injury Attorney

5 – Reasonable fees

While this blog series can help you find a good lawyer, for the right personal injury attorney for you and your case, contact Joe M. Reed & Associates LLC.

While this blog series can help you find a good lawyer, for the right personal injury attorney for you and your case, contactJoe Reed & Associates, LLC.

In the search for the right personal injury attorney, another important point of your research should include finding out what types of fees are charged by the legal professionals whom you are still considering retaining. While you will generally want to stick with a lawyer whose fees are industry standard or better, you should also:

  • Avoid retaining a lawyer who will charge you an upfront fee to take on your personal injury case
  • Look for a personal injury attorney who works on contingency so that you won’t owe any legal fees until or unless you retain compensation from your case.

6 – A record of success with cases like yours

Next, it’s probably time to narrow down your options to about three lawyers and set up/attend an initial consultation with each candidate whom you are considering hiring. When you meet with each personal injury attorney, make sure that you:

  • Ask the lawyer all of the questions you may have regarding his or her services, practice, experience, etc.
  • Specifically ask about that professional’s record of success with cases like yours.

While you likely want to retain a personal injury attorney who is regularly (or, better yet, nearly always) successful in resolving cases like yours, you should also be a little cautious of moving forward with a lawyer who refuses to answer this question for you.

7 – A personality and presence you can trust

If you are still having trouble choosing between a few options, then the last step you may need to take is considering which lawyer has won over more of your trust and has made you feel more comfortable.

The facts of the matter are that:

  • Your personal injury case can take some time to resolve (weeks, months or possibly longer).
  • You will want to have a lawyer who you feel comfortable calling, working with and trusting for the course of your case.

So, trust your instincts and choose the personal injury attorney who makes you feel comfortable and confident that your case is in the right hands.

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